F1 Betting – A Guide to Online Betting

Formula one is a very popular sport not only in Europe but all over the globe. It makes sense, considering that races are held around the globe and the racers come from all over the world. People like to bet on the outcome of sporting events. F1 betting is not an exception. There has been an increase in bettors who want more options when betting on their favourite racer. I will discuss some of the available bets at the sportsbooks.

You will only find the driver champion at the end of the season as the basic bet. Place a wager at a set odds on who you believe will win the championship at end of season. สล็อตออนไลน์  Vettel remains the favorite as of 2012 and you will get 2.10 odds to bet on him. Alonso is at 4.50, Hamilton 6.00, and Button 7.00 behind him. You can also place bets on bigger outsiders with even higher odds. If you feel very lucky, this is a great option. The same wager can be made for constructors. This is where you can bet on the winning racing team to earn the most points for the season.

You can also place bets on the individual Grand Prixes. These bets can be compared to the straight bets on the season champion. The odds of winning the race you choose are given. You can also place special bets here, such as: Will Sebastian Vettel finish in the top three? YES/NO. This is often given for the majority of racers. These proposition bets are also available at many sportsbooks once the season starts.

Head-to-head betting is what I consider the most entertaining and most popular. This is where you wager on who will place highest among two racers in a particular race (or for a whole season). You can, for example, bet on who will place first among Vettel and Raikkonen. You win if Vettel comes in ahead Raikkonen even though Vettel is 19th and Raikkonen is 20th.

These are the most common bets, but there may also be some more unusual ones. Some bookmakers might offer even more unusual bets in order to draw customers to their site. If you are interested in placing a bet, shop around and send them an email. Bookmakers are often willing to help.